I'm back!

I can’t believe how MIA I have been from everything! I feel like my to-do list is a mile and a half long. I haven’t spent more than a half hour on my computer in two weeks. My boyfriend and I just recently moved out of our old apartment into a house! We absolutely love it. It is full of natural light, and more closet and storage space I could ever ask for. I just can’t believe it has already been two weeks since our move out date and we aren’t even close to being settled in. 

My first "big" project was my new office, obviously.  I have been non-stop Pinterest-ing for the last 2 months of office spaces that I adore. I decided to repainted all the walls subtle grey, and refinished the trimming around the room and windows. I absolutely fell in love with the dark wood desk look, and decided to make it my mission to make one for my new office. 

I showed my boyfriend multiple examples and we took off to Home Depot. Our first big DIY project! We sanded the pieces down, and then I went over the wood with a really dark stain, and then an industrial gloss.

Assembly credit was all Blake, thankfully. I am pretty sure I would have ended up with wobbly table legs without him. I couldn't be more excited to have the desk all done, and put together. I didn't waste any time getting my computer hooked up. 

I am so in love with the outcome! Desks like these can sell for $300-$800 dollars on Etsy, and other websites and we made this desk for a total of around $150. I also found that 3 clock piece at a thrift store for a dollar! I am really excited to get back to my normal schedule, and getting images edited and done for clients. 

Finished up the decor! Got everything hung up. 

Absolutely adore my wall gallery! Before we moved, I was Pinterest-ing a dozen different room and gallery designs. My collection began growing months ago, and I finally have put it together.

Love my chalkboard frame from The Organic Bloom (
Inspiration quotes from Artifact Uprising (
Smile print from Dodidoodles ( )
Thank you to Pinhole Press, as I won a gift card from them and was able to order the frame for the Smile Camera print! ( )
The Elephant photo is one of my favorite, I found it digging through old things in my Dad's storage. It use to hang up in our old house when I was no older than 10 years old.