NAPCP Retreat 2015

Just a few months ago this retreat seemed like a far-fetched dream. As I started thinking more, and more about it.. the more I couldn't bare the thought of not being able to go. Weeks later I decided to make a GoFundMe campaign. I made a video, and posted the link on my social media accounts. Way beyond my expectations, I raised the tuition to go in 48 hours. I can't thank the people who helped get me to this event enough, it was life changing for me. 

This retreat was exactly what I needed. I was terrified of this coming year. I felt like I had so many things that went wrong this last year and no solutions to fix them and progress. I felt stuck. This conference was so eye opening. I just truly can't express my gratitude for being able to attend. I know I am going to be more successful this year, and have the confidence to do things I didn't want to do before. I am actually excited to sit down, and begin writing out my goals and plans for this year. Before this conference, I didn't even know how to go about this year.

The mentors NAPCP had were just so awesome. I absolutely loved all the intimate fire side chats we had, and larger seminars during lunch and breakfast. I learned so much from each and every mentor, and I wanted to give a little thanks to each of them.  

Mandy Johnson )

I freaking adored her thick accent from Nashville. Being at her fireside chat definitely changed the way I viewed speaking to clients on the phone, and how to really value yourself and your business. She was just really awesome, full of energy and really passionate about making all us other photographers successful in our business. 

Mandy Blake )
A lot of “omg” moments with this one. She was the first seminar I listened to and she changed my workflow process on Photoshop, and Lightroom forever. That button mode though….

Christine Pobke )

Christine is the reason I just signed up for! Her fireside chat was a lot about productivity and how to balance life, and your business. Something I struggled with a lot this year. I really enjoyed her over sharing tendencies, and listening to her seminar on social media. She had such a comforting presence about her. 

Michelle Moore )

Michelle is a local photographer that I’ve admired for years now. I actually found out about the NAPCP retreat through her Facebook posts. She has a really flawless system for senior portraits, and her senior representative program that I really enjoyed hearing  about. I learned a lot from her that will help me further my senior representative program for the better this year. I also took a one-on-one chat with her to discuss my insecurities with photography, and how to better my business. She also dresses really cute, and introduced me to Mooreaseal. So thanks lady! 

Sarah Lane )

I unfortunately didn't have a chance to hear her speak, but I did sit down next to her and ask her a few questions on the last day of the conference. Her model program is absolutely jaw-dropping. She is really amazing at what she does, and it was an honor to just sit down next to her and listen to her talk about it for a few minutes. I highly recommend you take a look at her website, and watch her video of her senior model program. 

I am so excited about 2015 now. I am so excited to begin discussing my business plans and organizing my senior representative project this year. I just can't wait. Thank you to all the mentors who helped me progress in just a few days. I needed this. 


and huge thanks to all the companies that sponsored NAPCP this year. I am so excited about my $100 gift certificate from Pinhole Press, )

and I absolutely adore my gold frame from 
( )